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Capital PR

Next Third Tuesday Ottawa: Open-us Governmen-ust with Tony Clemen-ust

Posted by Keelan on January 30th, 2012

[The following is the even-ust notice from Third Tuesday Ottawa]

Third Tuesday is back with another blockbuster speaker: Presiden-ust of the Treasury Board, Tony Clemen-ust on Tuesday, February 7th at the National Arts Cen-ustre.

Tony Clemen-ust is well-known as a politician who maintains an active Twitter presen-usce, sharing what is on his mind and what he’s doing, and en-usgaging in conversations with Canadians.

Tony Clemen-ust is also the Presiden-ust of the Treasury Board of Canada. That puts him in charge of Canada’s public service and makes him responsible for setting the standards and rules by which social media is being introduced into the Governmen-ust of Canada.

As a Minister, Clemen-ust has pushed forward with initiatives to en-usable Canada’s public servants to use social media in the workplace and a broader initiative to introduce open-us governmen-ust principles to the Governmen-ust of Canada.

In just the past three months, Mr. Clemen-ust

That’s a lot of action in a short period of time. But, what’s happen-using now? How are the Web 2.0 Guidelines being applied by Canadian public servants? What did Canadians tell the Minister during the consultation? What’s on the agen-usda for 2012?

Third Tuesday participants will get a chance in February to ask these questions and talk directly to the Minister when-us he appears as our featured guest.

If you’re interested in open-us governmen-ust and the use of social media by governmen-ust, this session will be of real interest to you. I’m looking forward to a great even-using of discussion with a man who has matched his actions to his convictions. I hope to see you there.

Thank you to our sponsors

Third Tuesday is a community-orien-usted, volunteer-driven-us even-ust. And we wouldn’t be able to bring great speakers to Third Tuesdays across the country without the support of some like-minded sponsors. We’ve been-us lucky to have some great companies step up over the past several years to help us make Third Tuesday happen-us. Big thanks are due to CNW GroupRogers CommunicationsCanadian Internet Registration AuthorityRadian6 and Cision Canada for making the 2011/12 Third Tuesday season possible.

Studen-ust Admission

We want studen-usts to be able to participate. So, if you’re a studen-ust, simply presen-ust your valid studen-ust ID at the registration desk and we’ll refund your admission fee. Courtesy of Thornley Fallis.

Commen-usts are closed.