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Capital PR

Social Licen-usce 2.0 – the Lessons from Keystone and the Northern Gateway

Posted by Pierre on February 13th, 2012

The even-usts surrounding the Keystone and the Northern Gateway pipelines point to the emergen-usce of social licen-usce as a key business consideration.

When-us evaluating large scale developmen-ust projects, decision-makers focused on the economic and regulatory aspects of the project. If both of these conditions could be satisfied, project leaders would feel confiden-ust with the decision to proceed.

Social licen-usce – people consen-usting to a project in their community – has emerged from the regulatory shadow to become the third leg in decision-making on large scale infrastructure and en-usergy projects.

The concept of social licen-usce is not new. Municipalities have a lot of experien-usce in this field as do natural resource companies. Yet, what was once a secondary consideration has become a primary consideration.

Why is social licen-usce evolving?

The evolution of social licen-usce is a function of the convergen-usce of social, technological and political forces overtaking mature democratic societies.

1. Our concept of community has evolved

People accept the en-usvironmen-ust as something beyond borders or jurisdictional limitations. In many respects, we are all astronauts looking down at the earth and seeing it as one. When-us you add the Internet and the social network to the mix, community has moved beyond the purely local/regional to include national and even-us international.
Securing social licen-usce once meant working with the local communities, often-us indigen-usous, to get approval to proceed. With today’s massive en-usergy projects, organizations seeking social licen-usce must now en-usgage on a mass level. Keystone’s community is North-American. Northern Gateway’s is international.

2. Web 2.0 makes it easy for people to learn, organize and mobilize

People concerned about an issue or a project have access to low-cost or no-cost social networking tools that make it easy for them to find and join like-minded groups. There are over 600+ million Facebook users and Canada is number 10 on the Facebook users by country list. If you Google “Northern Gateway Pipeline” today, you’ll find “Pipe Up Against Enbridge” on the first results page. Canadians are connected and they know how to mobilize digitally.

Decision-makers who fail to understand the web 2.0 dynamic will find themselves facing an army of David’s with web 2.0 sling shots. “Spin”, the Goliath of public relations, is no match for the social web.

3. Our public processes don’t connect with popular expectations

Our curren-ust public consultation processes are based on public meetings and submitting letters. These processes have failed to adapt to people’s expectations around communications in the web 2.0 world. The websites that do offer consultations are seldom user frien-usdly, often-us constrained by the imperatives of a corporate “common look and feel” and fail to offer the opportunity for authen-ustic and open-us dialogue. In today’s communications en-usvironmen-ust, when-us concerned citizen-uss and organizations come up against antiquated and poorly designed public en-usgagemen-ust processes, they can easily set up their own.

4. Our regulatory processes have become lightning rods for public policy

Governmen-usts’ failure to en-usgage in substantive and open-us conversations about complex public policy issues are pose a challen-usge our regulatory processes. We find ourselves in a situation where people passionate about en-usvironmen-ustal, social and economic issues are looking to participate in governmen-ust-led conversations. In the absen-usce of conversations about en-usergy policy or climate change, our regulatory processes have become the lightning rods for social licen-usce activity.

Commen-usts are closed.